About Us

Our Mission

To provide the highest quality therapy services to our clients and their families in an environment of compassion and respect that supports the parents’ goals and desires for their child.

All children are very different. They react and respond to therapy differently and therefore, the approach to occupational therapy/speech therapy should be tailored to that child’s needs. We at Siddhi kids Therapy Center believe that therapy should not only be a caring gentle process, but also a motivating and challenging experience.

Centre Director

Dr.POONAM SONI owner of SIDDHI KIDS THERAPY CENTER. She is a occupational therapist. She started shiddhi  Kids Therapy Center after recognizing the need for a family-centered pediatric therapy clinic in Allahabad. Her holistic approach to the health and well-being of children is at the heart of her work. Through Siddhi kids therapy center, she is committed to supporting and educating families in an environment that is safe and inviting. She facilitates evidence based practice in the field of pediatric occupational therapy to improve quality of life of children.

ABOUT CENTER : The Kids therapy center is a place offering occupational therapy, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), services for children.
It is specializes in Sensory Integration (SI), Neuro Developmental Therapy (NDT), Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Behavior Therapy(BT) ,Cognitive Perceptual training, Handwriting training and ADL (self skills) training. We use a family-centered approach to treatment. Our sessions focus on individualized assessment, enrichment, and integration of your child’s abilities. Parents are encouraged to participate in the therapeutic process so that the child can continue to build on their skills and apply them in their daily lives.

Uniqueness of Center

  • Our center have all type of latest therapy equipment.
  • Separate multi sensory room (this room is boom of all types of sensory stimulation specially design for sensory disorder like autism , learning disability , Asperger syndrome etc).
  • Separate room for therapy.
  • Separate room for counseling.
  • Very spacious and fully air conditioned.
  • Regular Counseling and Guidance are given to children and the family.
  • We also provide home program through all natural things.
  • We refer the children to the right schools after rehabilitation.
  • We provide Futuristic and realistic therapy plans on each child’s need.
  • Our Center is in center of city.
  • Center is easily reachable through any public transports.
  • We provide periodic reports and feedback to parents about the prognosis.
  • We provide therapy for various conditions in paediatrics and in all age groups starting from birth.
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What Type of Conditions Do We Treat?

At Siddhi kids Therapy Center, we treat a large spectrum of pediatric conditions such as

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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

Speech and language difficulties

Asperger syndrome

Learning disability

Dyslexia (Reading difficulties)

Handwriting difficulties (Dysgrphia)

Mathematical difficulties (Dyscalculia)

Sensory deficit

Hand function difficulties

Cerebral palsy

Developmental delay

Down Syndrome




Muscular dystrophy etc